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Taney Bell Ringers Awards

Taney Bell Ringers Awards

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Our bell tower is located in Taney Parish, Dundrum. Most people when they hear the bells in Taney think they are automatic, but in fact they are rung by hand. Taney is one of only five towers in Dublin where people ring bells. We are a very active group coming together at least twice a week for practice and meetings.


Bell ringing is a great activity on many levels. It keeps this very old tradition and skill alive and active, it is wonderful mental and physical exercise for young and older alike.

It's also a fantastic social activity for the local community and beyond.

We welcome anyone interested in bell ringing to come along and see the team in action and if you like what you see then talk to us about joining our group and get started in this fantastic new skill and hobby. 

Welcome to Taney Bell Ringers

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